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Automatic satellite antenna - For motorhomes, trucks and outdoor - The solution for every needs

• High performance 40 cm. cassegrain dish antenna
• Seven satellites already stored
• Fast automatic satellite search
• Aerodynamic, innovative, patented design
• Simple mounting and usage
• Can be used with any digital decoder
• Can be moved in a few seconds (if motorhome shadowed)
• Optionally mountable on tripod or other surface

• Minimum space required
• High precision mechanic with auto-lubricant ball bearings
• Continuous rotation system, no cabling twisting
• Automatic antenna closing with engine on
• Dimension: 460 mm. (diameter) x 195 mm. (height)
• Weight: 6,0 kg.

• Simple and intuitive
• Display of antenna status and anomalies
• Only one cable from command to external unit
• Power supply: 12/24V
• Absorption: Max 0,7A @ 12V (0,4A @ 24V), stand-by 15mA @ 12V (0,8mA @ 24V))
• Dimensions: 123 x 72 x 21 mm. (LxWxH)

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isat 2011

isat 2011

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